The Route.

Thursday 25th of September - Monday 29th of September 2014

All screwballers will meet at the starting point just outside Dover the day before we depart for France, the venue will be announced to all teams taking part in the rally. There will be a get together and plenty of parking for your Screwball Chariot and the chance to grab a couple of hours of sleep. In the early hours we leave the meeting point and head to the port of Dover to catch the early morning ferry to Calais. Once we land in France you can head off in convoy or trundle along at your own pace, it's up to you.

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Day 1, Dover (England) - Basel (Switzerland)

Day 2, Basel (Switzerland) - Linz (Austria)

Day 3, Linz (Austria) - Prague (Czech Republic) 

Day 4, Prague (Czech Republic) - Hannover (Germany)

Day 5, Hannover (Germany) - Calais (France)

The total Mileage 1750 ish on the most direct route, avoiding the toll roads is about 1800 miles.

The destinatons are subject to some alteration if the camping facilities do not match our standards.