Welcome to The Screwball Rally

Thursday 25th of September - Monday 29th of September 2014

Ever wanted to do some thing different, sick of the golf holiday to the Costa's, getting tired of the 18 to 30 hell hole? Want to drive an old car across Europe, stopping in different locations every night? Then you too can become a Screwballer.

The Screwball rally is about having fun and visiting a few European countries with other like minded people, it's also a chance for us to give something back to all the brilliant charities that support us in our hour of need. Here at the Screwball Rally we think that if you are raising money for a charity rally, you will raise more if it's for a charity of your choice. Perhaps the Macmilllan nurses have helped a loved one? Does the local church need a new roof? Do the Donkeys down at the sanctuary need some fresh carrots? It's totally up to you, all we ask is that you raise a minimum of £250 per team for the charity of your choice, by all means raise more, loads more. On the 2009 rally we raised over £16000 for various uk charities including, cancer charities, multiple sclerosis, institute for the blind, help for hero's, air ambulance, nspcc, racing welfare trust, debra, battery hen welfare trust, Sheffield lord mayors appeal, radio mercury charities appeal, precious lives appeal, Oxfam and various childrens hospices. A big thank you to every one who donated and took part to raise so much money for these and other fantastic charities.  In 2010 we raised over £71,000 for UK charities With the total rising as the rally went on. Some of this years charities were Help for hero's, Yorkshire air ambulance (enough raised to keep it in the air for 1 day, and they are not cheap to operate)  Lukemia research, shine a light, Alder hay, breast cancer research, great ormond street, Macmillian cancer, NSPCC, cancer research UK  and many more brilliant charities, once again a massive thank you to every one who took part and gave their hard earned money in support.

In 2011 we raised over £41,000 for UK and international charities, including Macmillan cancer nurses, cornish air ambulance, breast cancer research, Rotherhan lord mayors appeal, whizz kids, Bluebell wood hospice, disaster relief, and many many more worthy causes.

In 2012 we raised over £69,000 for your charities,including various cancer charities, childrens hospices, nspcc, bluebell wood and help 4 heroes.    

In 2013 we raised £29,760 and still climbing as the rally ended.

As its a local charity or a charity you have a passion for, if its for a charity that you have a part in, a charity that means something to you or a loved one, it will be easier and mean more to you to raise the money

Its up to you how you run the screwball,

Dress as Laurel and Hardy, or the Blues brothers, and customise your car to match, we have had teams come as Scooby doo and the mystery machine, Sheila's wheels, country gents with their butler, Star Trek, vicars and 70s throwbacks or just as themselves.

Take the main A roads, call at every other services to fill up on petrol, oil, redbull, wimpy burger (They only sell cheese and ham or ham and cheese sandwiches in France???)

Take the leisurely route, stop at a chateau to collect that bottle of French plonk you promised yourself, have a picnic atop a mountain pass with only the wild goats and billowing clouds to keep your team company.

You can always follow another car just in front that you think iit s a fellow Screwballer and end up in Switzerland.

Screwball is all about having fun while raising money for a charity of your choice.

All you have to do is make sure you reach the day's destination, how you get there is up to you.

As the dictionary says,

Screwball: noun a person who behaves in a strange and amusing way.

Banger: noun a very old car in that has seen better days, a jalopy, scrapper, old smoker. 

Rally: noun  a gathering of people for a common purpose; mass meeting an organized automobile run, esp. of sports cars on public roads, designed to test driving skills and navigating skills..

Charity: a system of giving money, food or help free to those who are in need because they are ill, poor or homeless, or any organization which is established to provide money or help in this way.

Book your place :- http://www.screwballrally.co.uk/2.html