Welcome to the Screwball Rally.

We’ll take you where you want to go


Over £700,000 raised for your charities.


Over 80 cars participate each year.


8 countries on the 2018 rally. England, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland.


Its 1726 this year, will your banger make it?

Only the best

Our experienced team of marshals are on hand to offer help and advice all way through the Screwball Rally.

The Screwball Gimp

He's gimping here, he's gimping there, you'll see him gimping everywhere.  Have a drink at "The Gimp Bar" on the first night in Europe.

A large and varied fleet

We have had nearly every car or them  imaginable on the screwball, from big pigs, fire engines, pirate ships, Baywatch babes, the mystery machine, Ghostbusters, clowns, wrestlers, gimps, minions, batman and NOT Robin, Captain Birdseye, Luke and Obi Wan, Stormtroopers, Police,  Smokey and the Bandit, Thunderbirds and the Italian Job bus.
What will YOU come as?

Once a Screwballer, always a Screwballer.
5 Days of car fun in Europe with like minded people raising money for your favourite charity, what's stopping you?

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